Short window on Medicine

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Short Window in Medicine 2017

Prof. Nasser Ghaly Yousif
Prof. Kathy A. Shwaan
Prof. Najah R. Hadi
Prof. Fadhil G. AL-Amran
ISBN 978-0-9864331-5-3
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The book, a short window in medicine, provides a short notes in medicine lectures and  - a step-by-step guide to the clinical approach besides the communication skills for each system. This books printed in eleven sections and additional section for medical procedures with bank of solved questions for each system.



Sections of Short Window
·     Section one    History Taken and Physical Examination
·     Section two    Hematology and Oncology
·     Section Three    Cardiology
·     Section Four     Respiratory
·     Section Five    Endocrinology
·     Section Six   Gastroenterology
·     Section Seven   Rheumatology
·     Section Eight   Neurology
·     Section Nine    Psychiatry
·     Section Ten    Basic Science
·     Section Eleven   Pharmacology
·     Section Twelve   Medical Procedure/video  with online format

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