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RIS (Zotero)

Zotero is a free and user-friendly application designed to help you make your research studies more comprehensive and enjoyable. With Zotero users can easily add and manage any citations and references to the text they work with. The application is available for all types of users and requires no special tech knowledge. Once Zotero is launched, you will see a straightforward interface divided into 3 panels – one for “My Library”, the second one for “Titles” and the third one for the “Info” which includes such menus as “Author”, “Item Type”, “URL” and others.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Stores all the data in collections;
  • Allows to create articles, books, forum posts, podcasts, documents, etc. in an easy way;
  • Allows to effectively manage the research sources;
  • Capable to import citations from a wide range of formats, such as XML, RIS, BIB, HTML, JSON, EDU, TXT, RDF, etc.;
  • Easy-to-use application with a straightforward and intuitive interface;
  • Multi-language support;
  • FREE!

Zotero will definitely make your life way easier. It’s easy to install application that you can start working with right away. The program enables users to collect references and citation in any prefered way – you can either create them yourself or import from any other external resource. Zotero supports a wide range formats, including XML, BIB, HTML, RIS, EDU, JSON, TXT, RDF and many others. In addition, the library that you’ve created can also be exported to countless formats so that you can use your data with any other application.

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EndNote basic gives you the basic tools for learning how to do research, cite sources and write term papers.

Reference Manager

Reference Manager® is the industry standard software tool for publishing and managing bibliographies on the Windows and Macintosh desktop. Using this product, writers save countless hours of typing and interpreting style requirements when creating bibliographies for curricula vitae, manuscripts, thesis/dissertations, grant proposals, term papers and other publications.