Short window in history and physical examination

Short window in history taking and Physical Examination

The taking of an accurate history is the most difficult and most important part of a consultation in the majority of medical diseases. It becomes progressively simpler as the clinician’s knowledge of disease and experience increases. An interpretation of symptoms and signs leading to identification of a disease. While complete description involves knowledge of the causation (etiology), anatomical and functional changes which are present. The past and present history of the illness also highly important together with the condition of the patient, as shown by a full clinical examination.      This book aims written in simple way beside many real own pictures to assist medical students and clinicians in developing the consultation skills required to elicit a clear history, and the practical skills needed to detect clinical signs of disease. Where possible, the physical basis of clinical signs is explained to aid understanding.

Nasser Ghaly Yousif

May 2022

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